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My name is Megha Lillywhite. I like to make sense of the world and explain it in clear logic. I like to hunt down knowledge and ideas that are not available to the mainstream. The search engine is a liar!! How can it be that in an “Age of Information” the common person is more separated than ever from the truth? How is it that so many people today don’t even believe objective truth exists? We are facing a dark age, and in the dark ages, the main job of scholars, writers and insufferable know-it-alls like me, is to hoard the knowledge that must be hoarded, keep the truth in bejewelled chests so that when the sun does come out again, one day, we have something to work with.

I get my knowledge from networks of highly intelligent people, tatty second hand books written by ignored geniuses who were not evil enough to be supported by the mainstream, and of course, cool logic as sharp as a katana that can cut through bs like a fine strand of hair. Subscribe to this blog to see my word wizardry martial arts. Subscribe to get the secret knowledge that google won’t give you and the social medias will conceal in an ocean of “opinions” from sanctimonious gooroos. Or subscribe because you want to be part of my network of dark age knowledge hoarders <3

Love, Megha

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