“It’s humility that makes you love God most because it makes you realize how much you are blessed with that you likely don’t even deserve.”

Spot on. I believe it was Grant Smith who wrote that to be humble, is to simply see yourself as you are.

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Watch out for these antifeminist chameleons, they are just larping to leech power from men and get simp armies. That is all "Red Pill Women" are, not after loving men, but more like after power.

Because most, if not all of them, do not practice what they preach. See, their fee-male thinking is, by saying what they think masculine hardcore men like to hear but not doing it, will give them a free pass to continue to do their cryptofeminist bullshit for themselves, ie. Building their trad social media brand and doing their jobs while saying women should not work, while managing to leverage some power and support from men by this sweettalk manipulation in the form of superchats, donations, and whiteknights who say "she's an exception, let her do whatever!", and also trying to exalt herself above other women by putting them down that way.

It's these foids' fool strategy, they are not in the least submissive and caring for their man. So what is the ulterior motive of their malepower-leeching strategy? Well, see this sneaky chameleon Antifeminist RP Woman, wants to be "above, not among women". She wants to be considered the superior exception (especially with more smartness and skills in particular), to show that she can be a whole person and not just meeting all her feminine milestones. She wants to be a Phyllis Schlafly - who claimed she was an amazing trad family girl who was a good housewife, but in reality had a job as a lawyer and traveled alone sometimes, even though she scorned women who did those 2 same things as her. The Phyllis who claimed women should not get too much education or write, yet wrote books and went to court like a man.

Only she wants to be educated and slowly worm out from men the FAVOR to do typically male things, by saying what other women shouldnt do and claiming the antifeminist title, just ultimately to feed her ego and let her feel more special than all other women by going and do all those feminist things for herself only, in a crypto way of course. Again for more simps and males thinking she's high value "smart", in the bitchiest way possible, and for them to turn a blind eye to her stepping up and taking more rights than other females. She is the anti-ladies' lady, the most dominant and psychotic of all females possible, any girl that just wants to leech and taste male power by pretending to be MRA and Trad is a No. 1 psychobitch and no better than the cranky blue-haired feminists.

Another catch: Red Pill antifeminist women cannot stand each other, they cannot even form the stupid cliques with each other. They understand why each one of them is doing what they are doing, to gain power and leeway from men, while forming simp armies to use, so of course they know they are competitive bitches and will take each other's rights just to look good in front of any man that holds an ounce of power at all. So yes, they do not trust each other. Larping chameleons can't even tolerate other larping chameleons, only one can be the great grifter. Why would they trust another woman who wants to be "above, not among women"? That is the most dangerous type to them, trp fem larpers know they are dangerous to each other.

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Thank you, I needed to read this today!

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How to be humble with this one weird trick.

A near death experience, that will do it every time. Unfortunately one of the drawbacks of our easy modern life is that the chances of such a thing are quite small. That is unless you're an adventurous spirit that seeks out danger just for the thrill of it. If I could I would bring back the Dangerous Sports Club, but Health and Safety would not approve sadly.


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For some years I suffered thru contentious exchanges w/ one arrogant liberal whose name was Isaac. He used lower case "i" as his sign off. The context of this was in a group of about 15 adults of different political persuasions. Most of us used normal capitalization for formal names or nicknames. A couple of libertarians used capitals for whichever nouns seemed important to them.

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So true. I have an acquaintance who once gave me an hour-long dissertation on how humble he was, despite his many great accomplishments, which of course he accomplished all on his own. In his telling he was the most humble person on the planet. He complained about the fact that such a humble person as himself had always had to work for self-important assholes. Apparently, every boss he ever had fit that description. He told me that in spite of this, he achieved great things throughout his career, which he described to me in great detail. Through it all, he remained incredibly humble.

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Pride is the crown of the virtues.


Youre a Christian, not a classicist.

Humility is spitting in your own face.

Youre a liar.

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