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A beautiful, insightful piece. As a fan of both books, I would like to add that Dickens won't have Pip marry Biddy, because she is Joe's dream girl! This kind, good man is bullied by his first wife, Pip's abusive older sister, and then rejected by his surrogate son Pip as soon as he gets a taste of upper class life. At last, Joe gets to rescue a lovely younger woman. Biddy will be cherished with Joe, instead of being Pip's "sensible" second choice.

You are very sympathetic towards Agnes. Every reader knows why David chooses Dora: she's the fun, sexy one who plays the guitar and sings French songs. Dickens was cruel to kill her off!

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One of the things I appreciate about your writing is that it attempts to re-establish what is normal between men and women. One of the horrors of being on social media is noticing how far from that we are. Social media influencers in this realm encourage men to acquire all the traits not for a proper romantic adventure with a woman, but to slay all womenkind. Great literature can be an antidote. For the record, I would have chosen Agnes, I don't know what is wrong with me! :)

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