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To begin with, congratulations on your newborn. Children are very much a blessing. My wife left her job as a nurse and has been a stay at home mom for over a decade now, and we both homeschool our girls. I have heard so many of these attacks, both against me as well as my wife. It is a shame.

With that being said, this is a well written piece which highlights the plight that many go through. The nuclear family is the cornerstone of civilization, evidenced by anthropology dating deep into antiquity all the way back to the emergence of our species. It is quite simply, in our DNA. The male and female pneuma, while very distinct, are equally important in raising a child. Prioritizing this important faucet of our existence was not a priority, nor is it currently, of the progenitors of our modern technocratic civilization. In fact it had to be destroyed and replaced.The rise of modern public education system at the turn of the 19th century was designed to function as an "occupational daycare" so both parents could engage workforce training for the "capitalists" to operate the machines of mass production, leaving the children to be conditioned into the same apparatus at an early age. While this became a self-fullfilling system, the technology of culture had to be maniupulated by propaganda and social engineers to cause us to acquiece to this new mass formation, which at times will attack the role of the woman, at at other times the role of the man evidenced by a century of evolution. Your essay highlights some of these attacks, as the sexes are now pitted against each other as though they should be combatants instead of synergistic pieces. Now, what was once considered a "strong man" is demonized. That is because society is operated by weak men, so naturally systems designed by them would seek to undermine the foundation of strong men, one such pillar being the nuclear family.

Now, social constructs are conflated with natural ones. Ignorance becomes wisdom. Vulgarity becomes beauty. And apathy and distraction polices the populace.

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Great article, generous spirit!

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You are wise beyond your years, Megha

And courageous (gift from your Father?!)

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