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ZERO; Gambling and the Illusion of Resurrection in Dostoevsky’s, “The Gambler”

Charles Dickens, Christmas and the Curious Secret of Human Happiness

Why Children Need to Believe in Santa Claus

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The Baby Industrial Complex Part 1: Mommy Bloggers

Why Gaston La Touche painted the Last Supper Better than Leonardo Da Vinci

Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Victorian Era Seduction

Hiro Nakamoto on Classical Ideals and Why He’s Learnt to Love Human Art

Men changing diapers and the denigration of Fatherhood

"Chads Going Their Own Way" Sir Thomas More on living with degenerate systems

Great Expectations: Charles Dickens on what the world owes to us

The Hidden Human Voice of Classical Music

What is Humility

Statistics: The Demise of Science

How the Poet Invented Language

Lorenzetti’s (1338) Allegory of Justice

The Very Human Nature of Technology

What Mrs. Darling can Teach us about How to Grow Up

The Truth about Schizophrenia

The Witch and the Seamstress

Mulan and Transing Girls

Is Pretty Privilege real?

What We Owe to the West

Subway Perseus and the Worship of Medusa

The Importance of Being Sexy

The Vaccine Series: Whooping Cough

Antoine Saint Exupery on How to Love a Man

Why Gay Marriage is Wrong - A Legal Perspective

An Anatomy of Madness - Part 1

What Michelangelo’s Pietà can Teach us About Woman’s Noblest Nature

“We Wuz Kangz”

Distinguishing the Human Artist from the Machine

Information Guerrilla Warfare and the Influencer

The Dark Psychology of “Body Positivity”

Decadent Hippies: Searching for Religion in the Fridge

Teenage Pregnancies are Normal Actually

Homesteading: How to Become a Powerless Peasant

The Warrior and the Unsolvable Riddle